For Your Everyday Marathon

We know running life’s race isn’t easy. You face an Everyday Marathon of important responsibilities that demand a lot from you. Though we try to do the right thing, our inner self (the animated character) sometimes beckons us to take the easy way out.

But your responsibility to your own health is the most important one of all. And when you choose to go the distance for your health, you can count on POCARI SWEAT to support you every step of the way.

Everyday Marathon Story Explained

What is the little-animated character in the video meant about? We break down the Everyday Marathon story for you here.

Wake up to your Everyday Marathon!

It's our daily routine to get up early to face the day's challenges though we wish for a few more minutes of sleep.

We try our best at work though it is not easy.

We put on a strong smile and try our best though a little less work would be nice sometimes.

What's your choice after a long day's work?

Picking up those exercise shoes isn't easy after a stressful day when there are other more "fun" options.

Go the distance for your health!

But when you choose the healthy option, you feel in sync with your inner self and it's wonderful.

POCARI SWEAT supports your healthy moments.

POCARI SWEAT smoothly supplies ions and lost fluid to your body, keeping you hydrated and feeling great.

Introducing the POCARI SWEAT Girl

We are excited to welcome Stephanie Carrington, FLY Entertainment Artiste, to the POCARI SWEAT family as our newly appointed Brand Ambassador!
Steph is an established media personality and presenter with a keen knowledge of health and beauty. Ever the passionate fitness enthusiast, Steph recently completed her first major marathon this year.
Stay tuned as we discover more interesting health and fitness tips with Steph together!